Graphic Design Course

Transform your imagination into reality with Nexdemy's graphic design course. Learn to create stunning visuals for print and digital media. Our practical training equips you with the skills to excel in the design industry.


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1.5 Months


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21 Modules

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Key Highlights of Graphic Design Course

Get industry-relevant graphic design training from experienced professionals and build a strong foundation to kickstart your design career with our graphic design course.



Graphic design course from Nexdemy helps the trainees master the skills involved in developing an appealing user interface in both mobile and web applications.



Our graphic design course syllabus has been framed based on the insights from the top graphic design masters who hold expertise in user experience design.


For beginners

Nexdemy’s graphic design course for beginners is aimed at helping them possess strong knowledge over the basics through multiple practical sessions.



Upon course completion, students are largely benefited because it is one of the few graphic design course with placement offers from corporate firms.



It is touted to be the best graphic design course for both beginners and working professionals because the curriculum is a blend of both levels.



The graphic design course certificate helps our students showcase their ability during the times of interviews at corporate organizations.

Graphic Design Course Syllabus

Explore our detailed course syllabus at Nexdemy and unleash your creative potential!

  • The Step-by-Step Process of Becoming a Graphic Designer

  • Detailed Review and History of Serif Fonts

  • Detailed Review - Sans-Serif Fonts

  • Using Type in Layout and Design

  • Working with Typography: Headlines and Multiple Word Phrases

  • Color Theory, Color wheel basics and Color Harmony

  • Color Theory - Exploring Color Palettes

  • Photos in Design

  • Layout and Design

  • A Detailed Guide To Grids in Design

  • Small Design Details Matter In Design: Texture, Drop Shadows, Layering and Light

  • Let’s Get Technical: Color Profiles, Sizes and Bleed

  • Introduction and basic setup

  • Adobe Photoshop - The Basics Worksheet

  • Basics - Working with Photos

  • Basics - Brush Tool

  • Basic Practice Project

  • Photoshop photo Editing Basics

  • Using Adjustments - The Hourglass Project

  • The Amazing Camera Raw Filter

  • Gradient Maps - 1

  • Gradient Maps - 2

  • Gradient Maps - 3

  • Gradient Maps - Final

  • Duotones and Gradients

  • Cutting out and Isolating Objects

  • The Amazing Content Aware Tool

  • Spot Healing Brush Tool

  • Layering Masks

  • Introduction to the New Generative Fill Tool

  • Generative Fill Project - Changing People's Clothes

  • Dog Project - Generative Expand Crop

  • Generative Fill - Extra Projects

  • Part 1 - Getting Started

  • Thumbnail Project - Part 2

  • Thumbnail Project - Part 3

  • Graphic Design - Thumbnail Project

  • Discovering Your Concept

  • Our Cover Idea

  • Photo Editing

  • Non-destructive Editing (A review)

  • Spine, Bleed and Exporting

  • Exporting

  • Working with Photoshop Mockups - A Jacket

  • Photoshop Mockups - Book Cover

  • Basic Introduction and Dashboard Setup

  • Vector Tracing Worksheet - Creating Simple Shapes

  • Vector Tracing Worksheet - Creating Complex Shapes

  • Master the Pen Tool

  • Pen Tool Practice

  • Pen Tool Practice - Part 2

  • Shape Builder Tool

  • Offset Path Tool

  • Offset Path Tool with Text

  • Vector Illustration Project

  • Extra Page: Grids and Pixel Art

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Who should take up this Graphic Design Course?

Our graphic design course is perfect for anyone looking to start a career in this exciting field.

1. Those who are interested in Graphic Design Course

2. Fresh Graduates of any degree

3. Who wish to switch career

4. Entrepreneurs or Business Owners


Tools Covered

Master the essential design tools with Nexdemy's graphic design training program.









Training Models

Transform your design skills with Nexdemy's two types of comprehensive graphic design training models.


Online Training

Take up trainers-led graphic design course online with the option to download all the training videos.

Become a pro by attending the graphic design course online from the comfort of your own home.


Classroom Training

Get trained by our tutors in graphic design classroom training program at Nexdemy’s training center.

Interactive real-time live training sessions help you learn and improve at a better pace.

Your Graphic Design Trainer

Our experienced graphic design trainer are industry professionals who are passionate about sharing their knowledge.


S.Sajin Mon

Graphic Design

Check what our students say about us

Discover how Nexdemy transformed our students' careers through their testimonials and success stories.


Mohan Raj

UI/UX Designer

Internships at Nexdemy! Nexdemy!

I had the opportunity to take the UI UX course on Nexdemy, and I have to admit that it was one of the best career-related investments I have ever made. Both the course material and the trainers were highly applicable and experienced. In addition, Nexconz hired me after a brief internship, for which I am extremely grateful. I am now equipped with the skills to advance in my career.



frontend developer

Internships at Nexdemy! Nexdemy!

In conclusion, Nexdemy Academy's Frontend Developer Course with Trainer Lakshminarayanan has been a transformative experience for me. The knowledge and skills I've gained have opened up new career opportunities, and I feel confident in my ability to excel in the field. If you're looking for a top-tier frontend development course, don't hesitate to enroll at Nexdemy Academy.


Dhanush Prabhakaran

frontend developer

Internships at Nexdemy! Nexdemy!

I recently completed in Nexdemy for Front-End Developer course, and it exceeded my expectations. This course offers a well-rounded education in front-end development, from the basics to advanced concepts.The hands-on projects and practical examples were invaluable, allowing me to immediately apply what I learned in real-world scenarios.



frontend developer

Internships at Nexdemy! Nexdemy!

In conclusion, Nexdemy Academy's Frontend Developer Course with Trainer Lakshminarayanan has been a transformative experience for me. The knowledge and skills I've gained have opened up new career opportunities, and I feel confident in my ability to exc

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